Unfortunately there has been a bug in the TSA program when calculating the required information size for continuous outcomes and we have now published a new amended version. In the former version the required information size was calculated twice as large as it should be in a fixed- as well as in a random-effects TSA. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and urge you to download the new version from the TSA homepage and redo your analyses.

The required information size for dichotomous outcomes has been calculated correct in the old version so there is no need to re-analyse dichotomous meta-analyses.

The TSA software package can be downloaded without cost. Registration is required, please use the REGISTRATION FORM below. Registration is used to follow the interest in the TSA software and inform of new versions of the TSA software package etc. If you want to download the TSA software package and already have registered once, please use the DOWNLOAD AGAIN FORM.

The TSA software, RM5 Converter software and the accompanying Manual are delivered in a Zip archive. Use any archive tool, such as WinRAR or GZIP, to unpack the archive.

To install the program, unpack the entire archive into a folder of your choice on your hard drive or USB stick. No further steps are required.

To start the TSA application, double-click on the TSA.jar file. The application may require a few seconds to start up. If the application does not start, please consult Chapter 3 in the Manual.

The RM5 Converter is integrated into the TSA application.

Current version of the TSA software is Beta.

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